About Paul - 

I started out with photography in my blood. The majority of my entire family worked for the Eastman Kodak Company their entire lives, so I was exposed ( yes, pun intended) to this art form very early on. I was playing with cameras all the way through High School - film, video, Super 8, you name it. 

I decided to attend the Rochester Institute of Technology for Professional Photographic Illustration, and started photographing in 1989, one year before I graduated. From 1989 till 2003, I concentrated my business in the Rochester NY area. I moved the business from Rochester to Washington DC in 2003, and I work primarily out of the DC area now, but I do travel extensively for work. 

Even though I love freelance work, my primary job in DC is the Lead Photographer/Videographer for the U.S. Department of Education, so it seems like I am always making images no matter what the circumstances.

Working with me will always be a creative journey that will always get great results within your budget. I love what I do, and I can't wait to share that with you.

Fun Paul Facts - 

  • I failed one class in High School - photography. Yep.
  • My favorite movie is Star Wars, and yes, I did see it in the theaters four times in 1977. After I saw Star Wars I was convinced I was going to become a fimmaker and I produced a number of Super 8 films in my backyard. I really need to track those down... and don't ever ask about the sixth grade Star Wars play I wrote. Either way, I still make films, so it isn't all bad. I am a massive geek.
  • I have an insane knowledge of reptile husbandry and was an expert on the cichlid fish of Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika. There are accounts of people covering my eyes at aquariums, putting me in front of a huge tank, uncovering my eyes, stepping back and checking as I name all the fish in the tank without looking at the name cards. And then naming them in Latin. Such a massive geek.
  • I really love cooking ( I did food photography from 1991 till 2003) and am proficient in quite a few cuisines.
  • I have one more state and I will have all 50 under my belt. It's Hawaii, by the way.
  • I started out as a self employed Commercial Advertising photographer in 1989, and switched to a full time employed photojournalist. I am going for the Fine Art photographer career for the trifecta next!
  • I don't photograph weddings unless the customer is willing to really pay for the service. I feel that a wedding is a wonderful event, and I have done quite a few, but all in all I really don't relish it. There are so many awesome wedding photographers out there - check them out. That being said, if you REALLY want it done by me, we can talk.