starting off this thing

First off, I am really bad about followup. I always find an excuse to not complete what I start off doing, but I figured that since I have been know to kill a ton of time watching cat videos, why not share some of what I have found, some of the people I watch, techniques I like to work on, and all that. Share a little, as it were. 

I have been absolutely terrible about the creation of the website, and when I got started , I was amazed at the sheer volume of work I had accumulated over the past few years. Narrowing it down was super difficult,, but I managed. Now to finally follow through and give a sense of what it’s like, day to day, working as a full time photographer as well as a government photographer. Promise to share from time to time, add things, thoughts, photos, video, and all that. 

Shall we get started?